Preservation frequently asked questions

Does Preservation accept work from private clients?

Preservation does not accept projects from non-University institutions or private individuals. The Libraries' own collections keep us very busy. We will, however, provide assistance finding a conservation expert, including referrals to the American Institute for Conservation's  Find a Conservator  tool. This tool helps provide suggestions for locating conservators within your region based on the material type you are concerned about. 

Can you direct me to information concerning preservation topics?

The Northeast Document Conservation Center's "Preservation Leaflets" are an excellent, down-to-earth, authoritative source of information concerning a wide variety of preservation questions. The Preservation Leaflets were developed by the NEDCC as a public service and are available to read online or to download at no cost. 

How can I volunteer to work in the Preservation lab?

Preservation is not accepting volunteers at this time.

How does a person become a conservator?

The most common way to become a conservator is by acquiring advanced training that includes a graduate level degree in conservation. The American Institute for Conservation website's Become a Conservator page provides guidance for those considering a career in conservation.

Can you appraise my objects?

Conservators do not provide appraisals. For information on locating a professional appraiser who can evaluate your historic, artistic, or culturally significant objects, please consult the websites for the Appraisers Association of America  or the American Society of Appraisers. 

Will you help with disaster response?

Marriott Library's Head of Preservation will gladly provide counsel and telephone referrals if your institutional collections or family heirlooms are damaged by flood or fire. Please do not hesitate to call as the speed of your response may affect your chances of mitigating the damage.
Randy Silverman 801-585-6782
National Heritage Responders (24/7 Hotline): 202-661-8068