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Curated by Allison Milham and Luise Poulton, 2016

Digital Exhibition produced by Lyuba Basin, 2020

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The covers of a book enclose worlds constructed of text and image. To open a book is to expose the intimate details of story, experience and idea. The Book Arts Program, Special Collections, at the J. Willard Marriott Library champions wide-ranging explorations of the book. A fully equipped studio enables bookbinders, printers, and book artists to utilize type, letterpress, photo engravings and bookbinding equipment as they combine traditional techniques with modern aesthetics and technology.

The Book Arts Program promotes involvement with the art of the book through community programming for local and national participants. National and local guest artists as well as staff instructors offer drop-in sessions, one-day and two-day workshops, and multi-week courses. Topics include bookbinding, relief and intaglio printing, collage and image-making, paper decorating, papermaking, lettering and other techniques related to the artistic practice of bookmaking.

The creative work in this exhibition represents the range of techniques, methods, and conceptual interests of the Book Arts Program’s 2016 instructors. Over the course of the calendar year, ten guest instructors and four staff instructors will teach various techniques such as encaustics, letterpress printing, traditional Japanese woodcut printmaking, leather bindings, and alternative printing and photography.

A grant from the National Endowment for the Arts supports the 2016 community workshops, some of which will be offered at no cost to participants.

Workshop guest instructors include Julianna Christie, Karen Hanmer, Allyn Hart, Michelle Macfarlane, Stacy Phillips, Louona Tanner, Keiji Shinohara, Pamela Smith, Claire Taylor, and Becky Williams Thomas. Courses taught by staff instructors Crane Giamo, Allison Milham, Marnie Powers-Torrey, and Emily Tipps.

Glimpse Exhibit

Rare Books is pleased to support the Book Arts Program with its historic, fine press, and artists’ books collections.

Crane Giamo

Crane Giamo is the co-founder of Delete Press and By Voices. His books appear under the imprint Pocalypstic Editions. He is Assistant Librarian (Lecturer), Book Arts Program Studio Manager and lead printer for the Red Butte Press. He holds an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama, an MFA in Creative Writing from Colorado State University, and an MA in Poetics from the University at Buffalo.

Psalm cover

Psalm Spread

Crane Giamo
Tuscaloosa, AL : Pocalypstic Editions, 2014
N7433.4 G474 P73 2014 

From the publisher’s website: "The images are printed off a variety of ice surfaces (icicles on a roof, blocks of ice extracted from plastic buckets, water frozen in a bird bath, ice on the sidewalk, ice in ice-trays)… printed from photopolymer plates on a Vandercook #4 letterpress and the red paint slashing across the book is hand-painted using iron oxide pigment mixed with acrylic medium… handbound with a Japanese stab-stitch structure… The slip-sleeve housing is built from handmade paper and uses milkweed, raw cotton, abaca and cattail fibers." 

Edition of twenty-five copies. Rare Books copy is no. 8, signed by the author.

Karen Hanmer

Karen Hanmer’s sculptural books fragment and layer text and image to reflect the experience of personal and cultural memory. Her books are meant to be handled – the intimate scale, choice of materials, and posture and gesture required to view each piece evoke the experience of looking through a photo album or diary. Her works often take playful forms, many with tongue-in-cheek text. She holds a degree in Economics from Northwestern University. She severs on the editorial board of The Bonefolder, a peer-reviewed online book arts journal and is officer of the Guild of Book Workers and Chicago Hand Bookbinders.

Deal Me In, Mona

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 1999
N7433.4 H357 D4 1999

Content is portions of Leonardo’s “Mona Lisa” and Cassius Marcellus Coolidge’s “Waterloo,” one in his series of works of dogs playing poker. Each page is three separate segments. Accordion-style spine. Housed in cardboard portfolio.


Karen Hanmer
Glenville, IL: Karen Hammer, 2002
N7433.4 H357 A6 2002 

Housed in box. Title on box shows the letter “A” turning into the letter “Z.”

Edition of eight copies. Rare Books copy is no. 6, signed by the author.

Beaut.E Code

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2002
N7433.4 H357 B4 2002

Computer punch cards, including title card and thirty-four additional cards, each of which contain one line of text on the recto (a thought about art in software) printed across the top. The un-punched colophon card is printed on verso with this note, “Text is drawn from group interviews and written questionnaire conducted in 2001-2002,” followed by an alphabetical list of names of the forty-eight computer professionals who participated, and concluding with acknowledgements. The cards are held together with a wide orange rubber band with a quote from one of the text cards printed on it in black, “It is a living thing.” Issued in a phase wrapper made of heavy green map folder stock, fastened with Velcro.

Destination Moon

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Hanmer, c2003
TL789.8 U6 A5282 2003

Archival photographs and documents pertaining to the Apollo Manned Space Program contrast John F. Kennedy’s “Man on the Moon by the end of the decade” speech with Roy Alfred and Marvin Fisher’s whimsical song “Destination Moon,” about a couple’s romantic trip to the moon. Photographs courtesy of NASA. John F. Kennedy speech courtesy of the National Archives. Prints with inkjet pigment. Accordion flag-book structure originated by Hedi Kyle. Issued in board box with closures.

Edition of twenty copies. Rare Books copy is no. 3.

Spectrum A to Z

Karen Hanmer
Berkeley, CA: never mind the press, 2005
N7433.4 H357 S6 2003

Handset Caslon on Lenox, Frankfurt, and Nideggan papers, pasted, painted, and stenciled. Slipcase inspired by Hedi Kyle. This is the eighty-fourth book published by never mind the press. 

Edition of fifteen copies. Rare Books copy is no. 34.

Letter Home

Letter Home Back

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: K. Hanmer, 2004
N7433.4 H357 L48 2004

Using a Hedi Kyle flag book binding, one side of each flag has text, the other side of each flag has a color image which is part of a family photograph. The family photograph becomes whole when the accordion folds are stretched and the pages fall open. The text is from a letter written from Italy in 1954 by a military wife to her relatives. The upper and lower boards are covered in a reproduction of a photograph of an American woman (the artist’s mother) on a balcony overlooking Florence, Italy. Issued in an artist-made phase box of green map folder stock with fabric hook-and-loop fasteners.

Edition of twenty copies. Rare Books copy is no. 12.

Hanmer Patriot Alphabet

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, Ill: K. Hanmer, 2004
N7433.4 H357 P37 2004

Accordion-folded pages glued onto boards covered with paper with color pigment inkjet prints of the American flag behind the head of a crying American bald eagle. Leaves of cream paper contain text from a government website interpreting the Patriot Act, overlaid with alphabetically-arranged words or phrases taken from the vocabulary of terrorism, homeland security, and the Iraq war. Some leaves contain a faint image in light blue of a cowboy riding a bucking bronco. Issued in phase wrapper made of heavy, green map folder stock, fastened with Velcro and stamped with author’s name and address.

Edition of twenty copies. Rare Books copy is no. 20, signed by the author.


Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, c2006
N7433.4 H357 B58 2006

Illustrated in collaboration with Henry Maron. Consists of two heavy stock leaves covered in paper illustrated with drawings of wild grasses. Attached between these leaves are two strips of accordion-folded paper with similar illustration. Affixed to each fold is a set of four transparent plastic leaves with similar illustration. The illustration is printed on acetate. The two paper accordions that form the structure of the book are based on the flag binding created by Hedi Kyle. A quotation from Willa Cather’s My Antonia appears on the final leaf, along with the colophon.

Edition of twenty-five copies. University of Utah copy is no. 6, signed by the author.

The House that George Built

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2007
N7433.4 H357 H68 2007 

Illustrated in collaboration with Henry Maron. From the colophon – Flip book with pigment inkjet prints. An image of the White House deconstructs to represent blunders and evil-doings since the 2001 inauguration.

Edition of one hundred copies, signed and numbered. Rare Books copy is no. 11.

Franklin Fatigue

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2009
N7433.4 H357 F7 2009

Accordion-fold structure.

Edition of one hundred copies, signed by the author. Rare Books copy is no. 18.


Karen Hanmer
Chicago, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2009
N7433.4 H357 M572 2009 

From the artist’s website: “Pigment, inkjet prints, drum leaf binding, title stamped on spine…Series of 100, each unique.

To Serve and Protect

Karen Hanmer
Glenview, IL: Karen Hanmer, 2014
N7433.4 H357 T6 2014

Inspired by a call for entries with the theme “Vessel.” Text is 60% memory, 40% casually researched, mostly on Wikipedia. Pamphlet in flower power paper wrapper is inkjet-printed. Edition numbered 41 – 100. Rare Books copy is no. 5, signed by the artist.

Marnie Powers-Torrey

Marnie Powers-Torrey is the Managing Director of the Book Arts Program and Red Butte Press, and Associate Librarian. She teaches letterpress printing and other courses for the Book Arts Program. She is a founding member of the College Book Art Association. She holds an MFA in photography from The University of Utah.

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