An Inference Regarding the Expedition of Lewis and Clark
by Bernard DeVoto.(2003)

Names on the Land
Powell, Stegner, & the Colorado Plateau.(2002)

Utah's Pioneer Skiers.(2001)

Flagship In The Desert: A Chonology of the University of Utah.(2000)

Utah, the Mormons, and the California Gold Rush.(1999)

Flagship In The Desert: A Chronology of the University of Utah.(1998)

A Review, Written by Luke Cosgrave,
Pictured by Le Conte Stewart.(1997)

"The Mentholatum Company map of Utah - Nevada
by Robert T. Aitchison" a facsimile of a map published in 1940. (1996)

"Transitions & Transformations: Bits & Bytes of Marriott Library History," by Dr. William Mulder. (1995)

"The Book and the Great Community," by Wallace Stegner. (1994)

The Pride of the Market, facsimile of playbill of first
Salt Lake Theatre production, March 8, 1862. (1993)

"In Celebration," a poem by Mark Strand. (1992)

A Leaf from an old Coptic Lectionary. (1991)

"Sketches from [a] Church Block," Block Development
in Salt Lake City one hundred years ago. (1990)

Territory of Utah, Proclamation by the Governor, April 23, 1853. (1989)

"O My Father," a facsimile of a booklet published in 1909. (1987)

Arthur Shepard, From His Scrapbook. he helped
organize the Utah Symphony. (1975)

A reproduction of "Ben Holladay Stagecoach" timetable,
Denver, 1862. (1974)

Facsimile of an invitation to a Military Ball in 1860,
attended by Sir Richard Burton. (1974)

"City of Corinne" - a broadside of its maiden voyage. (1973)

The Friends of the Libraries at the University of Utah periodically issue a keepsake of some historical or aesthetic interest as a token of appreciation for patron support of the Library and as a reminder of the treasures in Special Collections. The following list contains a brief description and images scanned directly from the original keepsakes found in the Marriott Library's Special Collections Manuscripts Collection. Manuscript number; MS 415

Examples of Past Keepsakes