2000 Christopher R. Johnson

Computer Simulation and Visualization in Medicine

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Christopher R. JohnsonProfessor Christopher R. Johnson, Director of the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the University of Utah, will discuss today's use of scientific visualization and computer simulation in medicine. In particular, Professor Johnson will discuss recent applications to problems in cardiology and neuroscience that have provided researchers and physicians with powerful tools for understanding and addressing important medical conditions.

Johnson holds faculty appointments in the School of Computing and the Departments of Physics and Bioengineering. His particular interests include inverse and imaging problems, large-scale computational problems in medicine, and scientific visualization..

* Young Investigator's (First) Award, National Institute of Health, 1992 
* National Young Investigator Award and Presidential Faculty Fellow Award, National Science Foundation, 1994 and 1995 respectively 
* Presidential Teaching Scholar Award, 1997 
* Utah Governor's Medal for Science and Technology, 1999 
* Director, NIH Center for Bioelectric Field Modeling, Simulation, and Visualization 
* Co-Director, Computational Engineering and Science Program 
* Co-Founder, Visual Influence, Inc. 
* Founder and Director of University of Utah Engineering Undergraduate Scholars Program