Automated retrieval robot picking up books

ARC (Automated Retrieval Center)

The Automated Retrieval Center or "ARC" is a large storage facility within the library where library materials are stored in order to make space for other services and collections.

Machines are used to retrieve and shelve materials stored in the ARC. There are approximately 100 ARC requests per day.

How do I know if an item is in the ARC?

Items stored in the ARC will have the phrase "ARC Click Request:" in the Location field.  

Log into your account using your uNID and password in order to place a request.

After your request has been submitted you can pick up your item at the Security & Information Desk on Level 1.  An email confirmation will be sent to you when the item is available.  Items typically are available within 15 minutes during open library hours.  Long runs of microfilm may take longer than 15 minutes to be pulled.