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Welcome to Katherine's Courtyard!

In April of 2018 Katherine's Courtyard opened its doors to the University of Utah campus. An extension of the Katherine W. Dumke Fine Arts & Architecture Library at the J. Willard Marriott Library, this custom-built space spans two levels and can accommodate a wide variety of activities throughout the year. The courtyard was designed to provide our community with additional study, relaxation, performance, and exhibition space. With a variety of furniture types, student-designed exhibitions pedestals, and a large reservable area on Level 1, Katherine's Courtyard is the perfect place to gather, create, and enjoy. Katherine's Courtyard was made possible through a generous donation from Katherine W. Dumke. The gift has allowed the library to create a beautiful outdoor oasis for the community to enjoy.

Reserving the Courtyard

Katherine's Courtyard Level 1 Garden Area can be scheduled for library sponsored events and University sponsored events no more than 90 days prior to the event, and no fewer than 5 days prior to the event. Katherine's Courtyard may only be reserved by a formally constituted University of Utah unit. Katherine's Courtyard Level 1 Garden Area cannot be scheduled for use by groups or individuals outside the University of Utah. Katherine's Courtyard Level 2 is not available for reservations.

Reservations for Katherine's Courtyard must be for a single event that is not recurring. A University course or library class may use the space for single events.

Private Event – events to which only a defined set of attendees is invited, either with or without charge.

Public Event – events that are open, either with or without charge, to the campus and/or local community.

Reservations must be submitted via the Katherine's Courtyard Request Form and include all details for your single event, including catering details. There is no charge to use Katherine's Courtyard; however, a billable chartfield is required to confirm a reservation for departments outside of the Marriott Library organization. The Marriott Library reserves the right to cancel an event if the chartfield provided is incorrect or is unknown.

If you would like to view the calendar for the courtyard, please visit the scheduler.

When requesting a reservation, please fill out the online request form, which will ask:

  • Name, email, phone number, and department of requester
  • Name, email, phone number, and department of the person(s) who will be in attendance and in charge for duration of event
  • Primary department in charge of event
  • Other departments involved
  • Event title
  • Public or private event (see above)
  • Description of how event supports the educational or professional purpose of the University
  • Valid chartfield from your University department
  • Number of expected attendees and who is invited to attend
  • Participant fees
  • Date of event
  • Any food service including the name of your caterer, their arrival time, and who will be meeting them at a public entrance
  • Whether you have event permits or food handler permits that may be necessary to provide food to the public
  • Arrival time of person(s) in charge
  • Start time and end time of event
  • Signage intentions
  • Audio visual support for the event (fees may apply and must be coordinated 2 weeks in advance of the event date)

Sound amplification equipment used for performances, events, promotional activities and other similar events in Katherine's Courtyard will not be used prior to 12:00 noon on regular class or exam days. In all instances, and for all single events, the time of day and location of amplification equipment will be carefully evaluated given the potential disruption of teaching, studying, research and administrative activities.

Levels of sound from amplification equipment, shall not exceed noise levels specified by Noise Control Regulations of the Salt Lake City/County Health Department.

Buying or selling of goods or services and soliciting donations of any kind is not allowed in the Marriott Library without prior approval of the Director of Facilities and Operations.

Events must begin and conclude within the posted library hours. Library hours for breaks and holidays differ from normal operating hours, please check library hours prior to scheduling an event.

Food is permitted in Katherine's Courtyard. Alcohol is not permitted. Respect the Marriott Library food and drink policies.
Coordinating with caterers and other outside service providers is the responsibility of the event organizers. If Marriott Library staff is required to meet caterers there will be a $50 fee. Caterers and other outside service providers must use public entrances to the building.

If a private event is canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, a $250 fee will be imposed. If a public event is canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, a $100 fee will be imposed.

A reservation in Katherine's Courtyard does not guarantee the use of an alternate space in the library due to inclement weather. Only one event may be scheduled in Katherine's Courtyard per weekday or per weekend.

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Michael Bigler
Events & Scheduling Coordinator

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