Software Installation Request

Four weeks notice required. USCS will make every reasonable effort to install the software within four weeks of receipt of software.

This form requests installation of software for the PC or Mac systems in the Marriott Library and outer computer labs.

The following steps outline the process:

  1. Fill out and sign the Software Installation Request form (link at the end of this page).
  2. Provide a copy of the software, installation instructions, and/or documentation to User Support & Computing Services (USCS) technical staff. This will be returned after installation.
  3. USCS staff will install the software and contact the instructor when the installation is complete and/or notify the instructor of any installation problems.
  4. Important: The instructor should extensively test the software to ensure that the software functions as needed. We strongly recommend trying all functions that the student will use. This might include loading example files, exercising program functions, printing, saving files, etc. USCS staff will work with the instructor to resolve problems discovered during testing.
  5. Important: We recommend the instructor develop specific documentation and/or handouts for students. This document should include the location of the lab and hours of operation, specific steps necessary to run the software, the steps to load any example modules or data, printing, and any other information necessary to ensure that students understand the operation of the software in the target lab environment. The document should also note that, while the lab consultants are knowledgeable in the operation of the lab systems and networks, they may not be able to answer questions about specific class software.

USCS Student Lab Class Software Policies


The completed form, proof-of-license, and all related information must be submitted to and approved by the head of USCS before software installation begins.

Copy of Software

USCS requires that the instructor provide a copy of the software (e.g., a URL, flash drive, or disc). USCS staff will take normal precautions with physical copies. However, USCS is not responsible for loss, damage, or repairs necessary to any software or hardware provided for installation or any other purpose.


The requester is responsible for software licensing. Proof of license, in the form of a license agreement, letter from the software vendor, or other form, must be provided with the software. In addition, the instructor assumes all liability and responsibility for software licensing and specifically indemnifies the USCS Department from any and all liability resulting from the use of the software in any USCS facility.

Turnaround Time


However, if the software is unusually difficult to install, installation may take longer. In this event, USCS will notify the requester of the situation and periodically provide updated information on the status of the installation.

Fees and Technical Support

USCS will provide three hours of technical support at no charge. In the event that software installation takes longer than three hours, USCS charges $40 per hour for each additional hour, billed in 15 minute increments. USCS will notify the instructor of the situation and provide periodic updates if requested.

It should be noted that some software installations take considerably longer than three hours. Although USCS will provide estimates upon request, due to the nature of some software packages and the high probability of unforeseen installation problems, estimates provided by USCS are not binding. USCS staff will provide periodic status information if requested.

Technical support, including configuration changes, feature changes, template installations, technical training, and related support, may also incur technical support charges. All USCS technical support is billed at $40 per hour.

System Software Changes

USCS reserves the right to refuse to install any software package requiring system software changes, changes in hardware configuration, changes in network configuration, or any other installation impediment that will significantly and adversely impact the overall operation of the student lab.

In addition, any software requiring system software changes may take considerably longer than four weeks to install. USCS must carefully evaluate the compatibility of any system changes with several lab hardware configurations and evaluate the impact on other software applications provided in the lab.

Copy Protection

USCS reserves the right to refuse to install any software package using a copy protection scheme that is incompatible with our networking environment. This includes hardware "dongles" or keys, software with per license serialization, some network copy protection schemes, and other similar techniques. In addition, USCS can refuse supporting vendor-specific copy protection servers or "dongle" servers.

Software Removal

USCS will remove the software after the "Earliest Removal Date" indicated on the form below. In the event of serious technical problems or difficulties, USCS may remove the software before this date; in this case, the instructor will be notified of the problem.

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