Audio Studio

The Marriott Library's Audio Studio assists the University of Utah community in integrating digital learning objects into curriculum/course projects. It houses a soundproof Studio with professional microphones and the capacity for creating, recording and editing digital sound files.


The Audio Studio is located within the Faculty Center, Room 1705-X, on Level 1 of the Marriott Library. 

Audio Studio Performance Space

Performance Room, with microphones, of the Audio Studio


Students Recording Jazz

Students recording and engineering a School of Music performance

Set up a consultation

  1. Email to schedule a consultation
  2. Access can be arranged if you have your own equipment or just need access to the soundproof performance space
  3. Your files will be delivered via a flashdrive, disk or cloud account
  4. Sound editing or (limited) post production assistance available
  5. Assistance, advice, and instruction available for individuals or classes for sound recording, research interviews, sound editing, and sound art projects 

ProTools Mixdown

     Spectogram of sound

Types of Audio Recording Projects

  • Course Lecture Podcasts for Faculty & Graduate Students
  • Interviews, Focus Groups, Oral Histories
  • Digital Storytelling & Documentary Film Narration
  • Public Service Announcements for Public Radio broadcast/marketing
  • Poetry, Spoken Word, Drama & Theater Auditions
  • Automated Dialogue Recording for Student Films
  • Anime and Video Game Audio/Soundtracks
  • PowerPoint/Slide Show Narration
  • Landline phone access for remote interview capability
  • Sound Art

Podcast Booth

The Audio Studio is in a faculty space with limited weekday hours. It also requires arrangement with Media Studios personnel for most use.

This led to the establishment of a Podcast Booth:

Podcast Booth

The Podcast Booth is a user scheduled, soundproof recording facility in Protospace on Level 2

Users can record audio using a Snowball microphone and Audacity digital audio recorder.

podcast kits

During the Covid 19 pandemic, podcasting from home became a necessity.

Podcasting from Home

To faciliate remote media creation, the Marriott Library purchased 9 podcasting kits: a Snowball USB microphone and hard plastic carry case. Check-out is available at the Knowledge Commons Desk, Level 2 Marriott Library. Students can check them out for 30 days. Staff and Faculty 3 days.