Audiovisual Services & Fees

Regardless of the event type, all off-site events and large projects (requiring greater than 10 total staff hours, including recording and post-production) require approval from the Associate Dean of IT&DLS or the Dean of the Marriott Library.

Library events include Marriott Library staff meetings and candidate presentations, events organized by the Library and marketed as Library events, and events organized by University administration (Vice President level or higher). Audiovisual services are available at no charge. In order to conserve staff resources, a two-person recording crew will be used only if Student Computing Services deems it necessary for the production, or if it is approved by the Associate Dean of IT&DLS or the Dean of the Marriott Library.

Sponsored events are organized with participation from the Marriott Library and include the Marriott Library logo in marketing. Logo usage is subject to approval by Marriott Library Public Relations. The Event/Sponsors Review Group will review these events, and the Associate Deans will make a final decision regarding what audiovisual services are offered and at what rates.

Non-Library events include all other staff meetings, private events, and public events. Audiovisual services are available at full price. The Associate Dean of IT&DLS or the Dean of the Marriott Library may waive additional fees.

Approved by Library Services Committee 8/25/2016
Approved by Executive Committee 3/27/2017

Two weeks prior notice required. When scheduling a room, please include recording setup and cleanup time: 30 minutes before and after for option 1; one hour before and 30 minutes after for options 2 and 3. Questions about audiovisual services and fees can be directed to Angela Wilkins at 801-581-4002.

Service Cost
Setup of in-room audiovisual equipment Free
Projector and/or audio in Katherine's Courtyard
(Subject to weather and the Katherine's Courtyard Policy)
$30 setup + $10 per hour
Recording option 1 - Audio and screen capture
(Gould Auditorium: Capture screen and/or stationary camera in preset layout)
Recording option 2 - Two stationary cameras $45 setup + $30 per hour recording
Recording option 3 - One staffed camera, one stationary $45 setup + $60 per hour recording
Recording add-ons Cost
Live stream Free
Video on demand on Free
Post-production (editing, graphics) $30 per hour