Graduate Reading Room

Graduate Student Reading Room

The Graduate Student Reading Room is a quiet study space available to any registered graduate student at the University of Utah.

  • We welcome you to use the Graduate Student Reading Room all hours the library is open. Library hours are posted at both entrances and on the Hours page of the library website.
  • Protection Services will conduct periodic walk-throughs for your safety.
  • The room has a maximum occupancy of 45.
  • Locker rentals are available on a semester by semester basis for a charge of $25.00 plus tax, at the Library Information Desk on Level 1.
  • Protection Services will conduct weekly sweeps of lockers to check for library items that have not been checked-out or are non-circulating. For the benefit of all patrons, items that are not checked out will be removed and returned to the shelf.
  • Patrons may not leave library materials unattended in the room. Items that are not checked out or are non-circulating will be returned to the shelf.
  • The Graduate Student Resources is quiet study only.
  • Graduate students may not let other library patrons into the room. Unwillingness to comply may result in access privileges being revoked.
  • Food and drinks are allowed in the room. Please dispose of all food debris appropriately. Report any spills to Protection Services.
  • Please do not bring electric appliances into the reading room.
  • To be granted access to the room graduate students must have or obtain a proximity card from the UCard office. UCard clearances will be activated for you by Protection Services. To determine if your current UCard has a proximity chip, look at the back – between the magnetic stripe and edge of your card. If there is anumber beginning with a 2* - - - - - -, then it is a proximity card. If there is no 2* number, you must exchange your card for a proximity card. Your new card will be in the system the following Monday.
  • Access to the Graduate Student Resources will be for the academic school year or remainder of the year following application. Access forms must be resubmitted each academic year beginning in August.
  • If you card is lost, stolen or replaced please notify Protection Services 801.587.9758.