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U Scholar Works contains peer-reviewed materials as well as other scholarly works and data that might otherwise not be published, preserved, or made accessible.

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Faculty Subcollections

Hidden Water

Professor Emeritus, Peter Goss (Architecture) and Dr. Craig Denton (Communication) collaborated on this photographic project depicting surface water flow in the Salt Lake Valley.

Laurence Loeb slide collection

Over 300 images from the Middle East during the mid-1970's. The slides predominantly feature Iran and Israel.

Philosophical Issues in Human Affairs

Video recorded lectures delivered by Professor Charles H. Monson, Jr. as part of a philosophy telecourse for distance education students.

Tierney Photograph collection

Tierney Photographs

Professor Lennox Tierney (Art) has visited Japan almost every year since 1949, this photographic collection spans many years and includes architecture, agriculture, and the arts, among its topics.