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Innovator & Entrepreneur Submissions

The CELEBRATE U Task Force is eager to identify University of Utah faculty members’ exemplary innovations and entrepreneurial endeavors, resulting in technology licensure, patents, or other new and impactful intellectual property. In coordination with the Office of Research and Technology & Venture Commercialization, honorees with impactful ideas will be selected. These honorees have secured licensure status and/or commercial and intellectual property rights related to innovative research and enterprise. Commercialization is one path to translating innovation but it is not a requirement; open source and freely distributed innovations are eligible.

Selection Considerations may include:

  • Widespread adoption and use
  • Significant impact on research and society
  • Examples of supporting evidence include:
    • Number of products to market, sales, downloads, etc…
    • Total amount of funds invested in Company if commercialized (non-grant funding, not to include internal/UofU funding)
    • Number of US patents issued
    • Recognition by a discipline- or industry-specific organization
    • Number of technologies licensed
    • Number of companies started based on Technology
    • Number of FT employees employed at University startup licensing technology

Faculty Eligibility

  • Faculty member is the Lead Inventor or primary contributor
  • The innovation must have been realized/acknowledged in 2019
  • Technology is licensed i.e. Copyright, patent, open source licensing
  • Must have been employed full-time by the University of Utah in 2019
  • Must currently hold any tenure-line or career-line faculty rank or status
  • May currently work in any department

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, February 5, 2020.

If you have questions about your inclusion in the list of honorees, please send an email to Abbeylin Farnsworth.

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