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Researcher Honorees

In coordination with the Office of the Vice President for Research and University of Utah College Deans, two researchers will be selected from each college to be honored at the CELEBRATE U event.

These two selected researchers are excellent representations of researchers in a College during the 2018 calendar year and are willing to be the face of the College in promotional materials throughout the coming year.


Edward Bateman for Reversing Photosynthesis

Marco Bortolato for Research into the biological factors contributing to violence, aggression, and addiction

Darius Bost for Evidence of Being: The Black Gay Cultural Renaissance and the Politics of Violence

John Bramble for MidContinental Region of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine

Teneille Brown for The Opioid Crisis

Tallie Casucci for Digital Scholarship Services and Faculty Services-Co PI

Marjorie Chan for Utah Geology: from Earth to Mars

Jeffrey L. Coles for Industry Tournament Incentives

Rena D'Souza for Novel Approaches for Treatment of Cleft Palate

Linda Edelman for Utah Geriatric Education Consortium

Angie Fagerlin for Incorporating Shared Decision Making Into Cardiology Care

John Faith for NSF Coupled Natural and Human project "One million years of human-environment interaction in the Cape Floristic Region"

Jesse Graham for Unjust Punishment in Organizations

Adam Hanley for Identifying mechanisms of mindfulness that can be leveraged to improve existing behavioral therapies for pain and addiction

Glen Hanson

William Holland for The Glucagon Biology of Diabetes

Anne Jamison for Kafka's Other Prague

Kim Kaphingst for Broadening the Reach, Impact, and Delivery of Genetic Services (BRIDGE)

Gwen Latendresse for Randomized trial of telehealth group intervention to reduce perinatal depressive symptoms in diverse populations and Telehealth Distance Platform for the Delivery of Mental Health Services Can Address Some of the Barriers to Accessing Care for Childbearing Women in Rural and Frontier Utah

Nancy Lombardo for Moran CORE: Clinical Ophthalmology Resources for Education

Nancy McLaughlin for Restatement of the Law of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations

John McLennan for FORGE: Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy

Anne Morrow for Digital Scholarship Services and Faculty Services-Co PI

Philip Osteen for Online Screening and Early Intervention to Prevent Suicide among Men

Susie Porter for Gendered Dimensions of Class

Jared Rawlings for "Bullying, Peer Groups, and Music Participation: The Socialization of Bullying Behavior in Adolescence"

Andrea Rorrer for Educational Leadership and Organization Policy Change

Todd Samuelson for Andrew Mellon Foundation Project

Ashley Spear for Understanding the Origins of Failure in Additively Manufactured Metals

Jeanine Stefanucci for Collaborative research: "Designing virtual worlds for children: A developmental study of how children, act, perceive, and reason spatially"

Courtenay Strong for Climate change and atmosphere-cryosphere interactions

Wes Sundquist for National Institutes of Health (NIH) renewal grant for CHEETAH

Alexandra Terrill for Supporting Patients and their families for better rehabilitation outcomes

Jackie Winter for Decoding Microorganism Communication for Drug Discovery

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