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The University of Utah is home to a huge array of creative expertise and emerging technology. Creative Spaces acts a connection point between innovators across the university by providing access to workshops, equipment, consultation and referral services.


The Marriott Library is home to several types of 3D printers, scanners, and other related technologies. While we offer basic 3D printing services to University affiliated persons, other technology, such as 3D scanning and vinyl cutting, are offered without dedicated support. It is recommended that a user come with a basic understanding of how to use equipment or be willing to investigate instruction manuals.

The Marriott Library is home to a growing fleet of "fused-filament fabrication" (FFF) 3D printing options. For a complete listing of our equipment and a setup guide for starting 3D prints, see our 3D printing website.

The Marriott Library has several 3D scanning options available for students, faculty, and staff. Support for 3D scanning projects is limited, so plan your work in advance and coordinate with our team early.

More information about the Marriott Library 3D scanners

To schedule time with any of these scanners, please email us.

A US Cutter MH 50" vinyl cutter is available for students, faculty, and staff to use for projects and assignments. Vinyl can be purchased from most craft stores and online retailers in sheets or rolls of varying widths. Vinyl cutting video tutorial ( To schedule a time to use the vinyl cutter please email us.

The Marriottt Library has resources and expertise to support your Raspberry Pi and Arduino Projects, whether you're just getting started with the technology, or need someone to help you troubleshoot a problem. We also have a small, non-circulating collection of boards, sensors, and other components for demonstration and testing. To schedule a consultation please contact us.

Virtual Reality workstations are available in the Knowledge Commons on level 2, directly across from the 3D printers on the south wall. Each workstation is equipped with an HTC Vive Pro head-mounted display (HMD). Base stations are installed in the surrounding area to provide tracking for room-scale experiences. Below is a quick guide for first-time users.

  • Log in using your UNID to one of the VR workstations in the Knowledge Commons. These have HTC Vive Pro head mounted displays (HMDs) attached.
  • Note the number of the workstation in parentheses on the side of the workstation.
  • Check out controllers from the Student Computing Services desk. Make sure to ask for the number corresponding to the VR workstation you've logged in to.
  • Log into Steam using the Desktop icon and a free Steam account. Launch Steam VR by clicking the "VR" button at the top right of the Steam interface.
  • Review the button configuration on the controllers, noting the name and position of each button: About Vive Controllers
  • Power on the controllers: Powering on Vive Controllers
  • The controllers should be paired to the workstation that matches their number, written in white marker (2, 3, or 4). If the controllers are not paired, follow the pairing instructions here: Pairing Vive Controllers
  • Put on the headset: Putting the Vive On

Virtual Reality Lab

If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us.