Welcome to the
one button studio

NOTICE: Beginning August 24, 2020, One Button Studio occupancy is limited to 1 person.

Recording sessions, up to one hour long, are available anytime the library is open. A 30-minute gap will automatically be placed between sessions, to allow for a complete refresh of air in the room. Reservations must be made in advance. Use the Library's Room & Space Scheduler to reserve a recording session time: https://lib.utah.edu/spaces/

ons Step 1
1 - Insert your drive into the dock to begin
ons Step 2
2- Press the button to start & stop recording
ons Step 3
3 - Remove your drive when you are finished

Professional Video Recording

The One Button Studio in the J Willard Marriott Library is an easy-to-use video production studio that requires no prior video production experience.

The One Button Studio allows you to create high-quality and polished video projects without having to know anything about lights and cameras. You only need to bring your flash drive with you and push a single button.

Studio Projects include:

    • Creating videos for online instruction, such as MOOCs
    • Creating videos for recruitment, training, or professional development seminars
    • Creating ePortfolio materials or video essays
    • Practicing your public speaking skills
    • Using the green/blue screen to create visual effects
    • Recording a group interview or podcast
    • And many others...
    • Access and Use of Audio, Video, and One Button Studios

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