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K-12 Lesson Plans and "Prepared Classroom Kits" 

Teachers can request Prepared Classroom Kits once each school year as our staffing and resources allow, for up to 40 students. Exceptions may be made for Art Specialists. Note: these kits are different from the Book Arts (Virtual) Treasure Chest kits and include book forms such as pocket accordion, star book, tunnel book, etc. 

You must be able to pick up materials at the Book Arts Studio located on the 4th floor of the J. Willard Marriott Library if your school is within Salt Lake County; otherwise kits will be shipped to your school. Visit our Studio Use Page for open studio times to pick up your Prepared Classroom Kits. Class sets will be bundled and ready to pass out and includes a lesson plan, sample book, and a couple extra sets so you can prepare your lesson. We'll email you the corresponding video tutorial for you and/or your students to follow along. Tools such as glue sticks, scissors, sewing needles, and writing insturments are not included in the kits. For more information or to request a class set, please email us at 

We are currently offering classroom kits for the following bookmaking activities (click the link to download lesson plan). Below you will also find several cooresponding tutorial videos for many of the bookmaking activites.


Intro to Book Arts Program K-12 Online Resources

Leaders in Black History Zine Instructions 

Influential Indigenous Leaders Zine Instructions

K-12 Pants Book Instructions

K-12 Pants Book Content Video

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K-12 Pamphlet Stitch Content Ideas

K-12 Star Book Instructions

K-12 Star Book Content Ideas

K-12 Center Cut Book Instructions

K-12 Center Cut Book Content Ideas

K-12 Masu Box Instructions

K-12 Masu Box Content Ideas

K-12 Tunnel Book Instructions

K-12 Tunnel Book Content Ideas