REducing TExtbook Costs - Overview

Reducing Textbook Costs

May 4, 2015

To: Deans, Dept. Chairs, Professors, Lecturers, and Instructors

From: Course Material Services Team & Academic Senate Leadership

Steve Alder, Academic Senate President
Bill Johnson, Academic Senate President-Elect
Allyson Mower, Academic Senate Past-President

Subject: Fair Use Evaluations Now Part of U Policy 7-013 "Copying of Copyrighted Works"


In October 2014, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a decision regarding the 2008 lawsuit of Cambridge University Press v. Patton, in which Georgia State University's practice of facilitating course materials online came into question.

In May/June 2014, The University of Utah Academic Senate and Board of Trustees made revisions to U Policy 7-013, "Copying of Copyrighted Works" These revisions will impact course material services in Fall Semester 2015.

Additionally, The Academic Senate's 2014 Student Textbook Savings Report recommended three ways of addressing high textbook costs:

1. Use low-cost versions of existing materials
2. Adopt available open course materials
3. Consider copyright & Fair Use guidelines

What this Means for You:

Fair use evaluations are the responsibility of faculty/course instructors; however, our team and resources can help.

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