Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are materials and resources offered free and open for anyone to use, and under some licenses, to re-mix, improve, and redistribute. OERs include textbooks, courses, course material, learning modules, learning objects, collections and journals.

Video Presentations from the 2023 UALC Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Pressbooks Symposium Event are available on the Utah OER Symposium website. Browse recorded sessions about what are OERs, hear faculty stories about their experiences creating OER textbooks for their courses, connect OERs with RPT (DoERRS), learn how to use Pressbooks to create your own OERs, and explore Open Pedagogy and using OERs in your teaching

  • Have questions? Contact Donna Ziegenfuss for more information about using OERs in your teaching or creating OERs.

As a University of Utah faculty, you have free access to Pressbooks, a tool to create your own OER books that can be a stand alone book, or integrated with Canvas (each chapter in your book becomes a Canvas module)

  • Want to use Pressbooks for creating your own open textbook? You can login and get access to software using your Utah UNID and password to access the software interface and create your own OER.
  • Reach out to Donna Ziegenfuss for assistance with Pressbooks.

Some additional resources to get you started in finding, evaluating and using OERs in your teaching

Other Resources for exploring the topics around OERs and Open Pedagogy

In the 2014 Student Textbook Savings report issued by the University of Utah's AdHoc Senate Committee on Student Textbook Savings.

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