Course Materials

Course Materials Available in Canvas

Course Materials is an online tool that supports the creation and management of course resource reading lists. University Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types; library faculty & staff can provide resources efficiently; and students can access all course materials through Canvas from any device. The 10-Step Overview for using Course Materials is available here.

Course Librarians

Librarians at the U of U ensure accurate connections to information in addition to integrating and teaching information literacy. Work with your course librarian to obtain expertise in developing and organizing a reading list. It will mean more accurate and streamlined access for students. Find your department, major, or degree listed on the Subject Specialists guide and then reach out to the librarian. 

Course Reserve Policies

Physical Reserve Collection: Physical library resources can be placed on the Open Reserve shelves on Level 3 and can be given a non-circulating, 24-hour, or 3-day circulation status. If the library does not own a copy, a purchase request can be made through your Course Materials list.

Personal copies: We no longer accept personal copies for the Open Reserve collection. The Reserve staff will purchase any items previously available as personal copies to ensure our Open Reserve collection contains all needed materials. If you have materials you wish to be made available to your students through Reserve, you may donate them to the library for Reserve. At the end of the reserve period, the items will remain the property of the Marriott Library and may be circulated or sold.

Copyright: University of Utah Policy 7-013 "Copying of Copyrighted Works," governs scanning requests submitted through Course Materials. Scanning requests must include the citation and copyright information. Items of unknown origin cannot be scanned for electronic reserve.

Streaming media: Streaming media requests may be requested through your Course Materials list or through Suggest a Purchase