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GIS Services: Geospatially Visualizing Data in new & exciting ways

GIS (Geospatial Information Systems) Services is designed to collaboratively support University of Utah students, staff, and faculty in transforming and visualizing data through the development of geospatial projects.

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Map Monday Releases

Charles Lindbergh's Journey Aboard the Spirit of St. Louis: A visulization of the flight course with hourly narrative accounts about the journey.  
The Rocky Mountain Power Digital Photo Collection

Utilizing GIS technology to showcase a Library collection is an exciting opportunity to provide you with a method for exploring materials in ways previously unavailable. To demonstrate this capability, this week's Map Monday release utilizes the resources contained in the Rocky Mountain Power Company collection to depict images of power plant facilities available throughout the region. #MapMonday

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*Bi-weekly maps will be released throughout the Fall 2019 Semester on a variety of topics