GIS Support Services

Support Services Banner: Samples of GIS data visualized at different extents.

GIS Services is designed to collaboratively support the transformation and visualization of data through the development of geospatial projects. Support services include:


  • Collaborative project assistance developing interactive and cartographic mapping projects

      • GIS Services can work with you to discover your project needs and recommend the best course for achieving your project goals.
  • Researching assistance for locating, retrieving, and developing geospatial data

      • With a large number of geospatial data resources available, GIS Services can assist you in locating, retrieving, and developing geospatial data related to or supportive of your research that will help your project progress forward.
  • Training support through workshops, online tutorials and resource materials

      • GIS Services provides workshops, access to online tutorials, and links to resources available through our website to support individuals of all experience levels and backgrounds.
  • One-on-one consultations by appointment

      • For in-depth project assistance and collaborations, GIS Services offers project consultations by appointment. Click here to schedule an appointment.