GIS Training Materials

Videos, links, and subject guides on a variety of topics designed to provide students and researchers with resources for developing geospatial projects and skill sets.

Library Workshops / Training Videos

Online Training / Reference Materials

ArcGIS Software - free access is available on Marriott Library Knowledge Commons computers (Level 2).

  • ArcGIS Resources
    • This website contains step-by step tutorials related to the operation of ArcGIS including topics on: mapping, editing, geoprocessing, geodata, analysis extensions and much more.
  • Learn ArcGIS
    • A series of guided lessons based on real-world problems to aid in developing operational skills for ArcGIS

Google Earth Software - free downloads of both Google Earth & Google Earth Pro are available at: Google Earth.  The professional Google Earth Pro version is available on Marriott Library Knowledge Commons computers.

  • Google Earth Tutorials
    • A series of tutorials focusing on tools, features, and processes for utilizing the full capabilities of Google Earth.

Google Maps Software - free access to the software is available at: Google Maps - (a free Google account is required for saving and sharing maps).

Library Subject Guides