Downwinders of Utah Archive: An archive depicting the impacts to Utah downwinders from nuclear weapons testing conducted at the Nevada Test Site.

Beginning in 1951, the era of nuclear weapons testing was a time of tremendous change at both national and local levels. In the name of national security, a variety of nuclear weapons were tested in a remote area of the Nevada desert known as the Nevada Test Site. Fallout and radiation from these tests have affected communities across the nation, resulting in ongoing health problems, loss of life, and generational impacts that continue to this day.

The Downwinders of Utah Archive presents an in-depth study of the nuclear detonations, radioactive fallout, and events, which have resulted in devastating effects for Utah's "Downwinder" population. Detailed information on atmospheric detonations found to produce off-site radioactivity and associated fallout statistics are presented through cartographic maps, animated reconstruction models, interactive data visualizations, and more. The archive also presents historical photographs, videos, newspaper articles, documentation, and oral history interviews recorded with Utah Downwinder victims and families.

By providing access to stories, information, and experiences, the J. Willard Marriott Library offers a resource for developing a deeper understanding to history and events, ensuring that an important chapter in our Nation's history and the individuals who were impacted are never forgotten.

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