Downwinders of Utah Archive: An archive depicting the impacts to Utah downwinders from nuclear weapons testing conducted at the Nevada Test Site.


Below are sample quotes provided by viewers and collaborators regarding the importance of this archive and the impacts it has within the community.


"Through the Downwinders of Utah Archive, the Marriott Library and GIS Services are making a deeply important contribution to our civic well being in Utah.  The legacy of nuclear testing in the West is still very much with us, and this project advances our knowledge and understanding of a program that continues to produce devastating consequences for Utah's citizens.  I'm grateful to the Marriott Library for deepening our awareness of this painful and still unfolding episode, which brings home to all of us of the critical need for honesty in government". 

- Mark Matheson (Professor - Department of English, University of Utah)


"The Downwinders of Utah Archive is a wonderful demonstration of how libraries are working to unite, present and interpret disparate digital collections and content via an interactive research portal.  From our work at UNLV with the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project, we have seen how important this material is to researchers and communities; and we applaud the efforts to increase access to these unique materials". 

- Cory Lampert (Head of Digital Collections - UNLV University Libraries)


"The Downwinders of Utah Archive is a superb example of the way GIS serves as an access point and research interface. The project team has comprehensively gathered available materials and integrated them in a meaningful and rational way into a geospatial timeline; creating unfettered access to nuclear testing source materials and data sets. This type of interactive project puts access to information about the impact of nuclear testing in the hands of students, researchers and the community at large".

- Anne Morrow (Head of Scholarly Communications - J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah)


"This archive is an important contribution toward expanding our understanding of the public health implications of those exposed to the nuclear weapons testing that occurred at the Nevada Test Site.  The visualizations of the nuclear fallout that resulted from each test allows researchers to identify the population at risk.  This information can then be combined with a unique resource at the University of Utah, the Utah Population Database, to improve our understanding of the adverse health consequences associated with fallout exposure.  It is only through recognizing and learning from these unfortunate events that we will prevent similar missteps from occurring in the future". 

- Ken Smith (Director - Utah Population Database, Huntsman Cancer Institute)

- Kelli Rasmussen (Clinical Trials Operations - Utah Population Database, Huntsman Cancer Institute)

- Heidi Hanson (Research Assistant Professor - Utah Population Database, Huntsman Cancer Institute)

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