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Images of Glen Canyon

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by C. Gregory Crampton (P0197)

Glen Canyon dam was authorized in 1957 and the Bureau of Reclamation quickly asked archeologists, historians, and other scholars to survey the many resources that would be covered by Lake Powell. Dr. C. Gregory Crampton was a professor of history at the University of Utah when he was asked to conduct the historical salvage survey of Glen Canyon. Under Dr. Crampton's direction, students mapped, photographed, and cataloged the hundreds of historical sites that are now forever flooded by Lake Powell. The slides in this exhibit were selected from Dr. Crampton's personal favorites, but are only a small fraction of the thousands of photographs and slides in his collection in the Special Collections Department, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah. For more information about the Crampton photograph collection, see the following: C. Gregory Crampton Collection, P0197. For more about Glen Canyon, see this guide

  • Inscription Rock

    Inscription Rock, East Hole-in-the-Rock. September, 1960.

  • Cliffs Hall's Crossing

    Cliffs just above Hall's Crossing at sunset. September, 1960.

  • Sunset from camp

    Sunset from camp, Mile 76.4, downstream. September, 1960.

  • Grainery

    Grainery near Salierds(?) Trail. August 9, 1961.

  • W.S. Rust inscription

    W.S. Rust's inscription at Hall's Crossing. September, 1960.

  • definance

    Defiance House at Forgotten Canyon. July, 1967

  • dungeon

    Dungeon Canyon, tributary of Glen Canyon,
    Mile 57. June 26, 1958.

  • davis gulch

    Davis Gulch pictographs. July, 1967

  • hidden passage

    Hidden Passage. 1959.

  • dungeon

    Dungeon Canyon. September, 1961.

  • Tapestry

    Tapestry Wall Looking Upstream. September, 1960.

  • Upstream

    Upstream to Hidden Passage,
    Mile 75.9. August 10, 1962.

  • Cave

    Cave above Camel(?) Bar. September, 1961.

  • Navajo

    Navajo Mountain from Colorado River, Mile 72. September, 1960.

  • Colorado River

    Break on the Colorado River.

  • Lee's Ferry

    Lee's Ferry. 1967

  • Escalante

    Escalante River. 1963.

  • Olympia Bar

    Olympia Bar Water Wheel. May, 1961.

  • Glen Canyon

    Glen Canyon, Upstream at Hole-in-the-Rock. May 27, 1962.

  • Confluence

    Confluence of the San Juan and Colorado Rivers. February 27, 1963.

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