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Working Together: A Utah Portfolio was a photo-documentary exhibit that was created from four years of documentary work conducted in Utah's Black, Greek, Jewish, Japanese, Mexican/Hispanic, Chinese, Italian, and Ute communities. Working Together grew out of the Oral History Institute's (OHI's) "Ethnic and Minority Documentary project."The purpose of the project (started in the spring of 1982 and was funded by a a grant from the Utah Endowment for the Humanities, was to document the experiences, contributions, and life-styles of eight of Utah's ethnic and minority communities. Using oral histories and documentary photography by George Janecek and Kent Miles, OHI worked with the elderly of the state's above mentioned communities to preserve and present their experiences and contributions during the years 1920-1985.

Working Together: A Utah Portfolio was the exhibit representing the efforts of the OHI and the communities and people of the state of Utah. For further information see Missing Stories: An Oral History of Ethnic and Minority Groups in Utah, written by Leslie Kelen and Eileen Hallet Stone published by the University of Utah Press. The pictures presented on this website represent only a small sample of the photographs taken for the Working Together project. The full collection is inventoried in the Special Collections Finding Aid. To visit us to view this collection in person, or inquire about high resolution reproductions, please contact Special Collections.

Black Americans

Nathan "Woody" Wright (1985. Kent Miles)

Nathan "Woody" Wright, by Kent Miles, 1985 (P0306n13_065)


Calvary Baptist Church, Sunday Service (1984. Kent Miles)

Calvary Baptist Church, Sunday Service, by Kent Miles, 1984 (P0306n13_010)

Officer Jake Green, Courthouse (1985. George Janecek)

Officer Jake Green, Courthouse, by George Janecek, 1985 (P0306n13_004)

Chinese Americans

Dewey Wong (1986. Kent Miles)

Dewey Wong at China Village, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n14_022)

Wing Fat Enterprises (1986. Kent Miles)

Hanging ducks at Wing Fat Enterprises, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n14_018)

Bin and Margaret Yee, Jade Cafe (1986. George Janecek)

Bin and Margaret Yee at Jade Café, by George Janecek, 1986 (P0306n14_009)

Greek Americans

Steve Sargetakis (1985. Kent Miles)

Steve Sargetakis, by Kent Miles, 1985 (P0306n17_036)

Greek Festival (1985. Kent Miles)

Unidentified women cooking at Greek Festival, by Kent Miles, 1985 (P0306n17_051)

Penelope Koulouris (1985. George Janecek)

Penelope Koulouris, by George Janecek, 1985 (P0306n17_035) 

Italian Americans

Dominick L. Besso (Price, 1987. Kent Miles)

Dominick L. Besso, Price, Utah, by Kent Miles, 1987 (P0306n16_025)

Phil Notarianni and Family, Christmas Dinner (1985. George Janecek)

Phil Notarianni and family, Christmas dinner, by George Janecek, 1985 (P0306n16_001)

Leo Italasano (1986. George Janecek)

Leo Italasano, by George Janecek, 1986 (P0306n16_014)

Japanese Americans

Kuniko Terasawa at the Utah Nippo (1986. Kent Miles

Kuniko Terasawa at the Utah Nippo, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n17_025)

Dr. Jun Kurumada (Kent Miles)

Dr. Jun Kurmada, by Kent Miles (P0306n17_023)

Mrs. Osako Uno (SLC, 1985. Kent Miles)

Mrs. Osako Uno, Salt Lake City, Utah, by Kent Miles, 1985 (P0306n17_010)

Jewish Americans

Iranian Girl with Candles (1986. Kent Miles)

Iranian girl with candles, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n15_015)

Thursday Morning Prayer Service, Kol Ami Synagogue (SLC, 1986. Kent Miles)

Thursday Morning Prayer Service, Kol Ami Synagogue, Salt Lake City, Utah, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n15_008)

Rose Arnovitz (SLC, 1986. Kent Miles)

Rose Arnovitz, Salt Lake City, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n15_004)

Mexican or Hispanic Americans

Migrant Worker (Ogden, 1987. George Janecek)

Unidentified Migrant worker, Ogden, Utah, by George Janecek, 1987 (P0306n16_040)

Migrant Worker (Ogden, 1987. George Janecek)

Unidentified child in field ("Migrant Worker"), by George Janecek, 1987 (P0306n16_048)

First Communion, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church (1986. Kent Miles)

Unidentified child, First Communion, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n16_050)

Native Americans

Forrest S. Cuch (1986. Kent Miles)

Forrest S. Cuch, by Kent Miles, 1986 (P0306n13_056)

Lester M. Chapoose (1987. Kent Miles)

Lester M. Chapoose , by Kent Miles, 1987 (P0306n13_039)

Pow Wow (Ft. Duchesne, 1985. George Janecek)

Dancer, Pow Wow, Fort Duchesne, by George Janecek, 1985 (P0306n13_033)

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