Wilderness Letter

Wilderness Letter spread, etching

This edition of the WILDERNESS LETTER was printed under the direction of Everett L. Cooley. Its publication was made possible through the generosity and support of Catherine B. and Claudius Y. Gates. This book was designed, set by hand, and printed by Day Christensen. The etchings of the Capitol Reef area by V. Douglas Snow were editioned by Royden Card. The type is 10 and 14 point Universe Light, and the paper is made from the Twinrocker Paper Mill. It was printed damp on an 1846 Columbian hand press. The matched cover boards are cottonwood and were milled by Christopher B. Darais. Books were sewn and boxed by BookLab. Printing was completed in the fall of 1995. 75 copies for sale; 25 copies hors de commerce.

Wilderness Letter, title page


Wilderness Letter, an etching

Wilderness Letter, text spread

Wilderness Letter, cottonwood boards

Wilderness Letter, etching