Faculty Center

Located on the ground floor of the library next to the increasingly popular Mom’s Café, the Faculty Center includes the  Audio Studio and Video Studio , and GIS Services Teaching and Learning Technologies (formerly TACC and IMS), and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.  The center houses state of the art audio and video studios, and a number of well-equipped teaching and learning spaces. 

Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) has a staff of instructional technologists, media specialists and systems support professionals, TLT employs over 30 students in various course and media support positions.

The Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence aims to support the University's teaching community through a variety of services, such as our coursesworkshopsconsultations. In addition, we have created these resources pages to promote the ongoing development of faculty, teaching assistants and anyone else involved in teaching at the U.

Research Data Management Services
Services provided in data management include the policies, tools and services necessary to describe, organize, store, and share research outputs. We are the site administrators for Labarchives and provide workshops and consultations to research groups wanting to use the software. We are the point of contact for learning about data repositories including The Hive: University of Utah Research Data Repository. We have also developed a series of library guides about data management to assist you.